“Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable.”
David Augsburger

I’ve been thinking about these words a lot. Being heard is indeed what most of us need. How would You feel about that? Would You like to be heard? I mean not only just listened to but truly heard and understood? By someone who has no reason to judge You, to assess You or to direct You. Someone who sees the Person, not just the predicament. Someone who can understand what You are going through and who can hold your hand while You are searching for the answers, for the Way to your Authentic Yourself, your True Strength, your Real Potential.

Hi, Champion

I'm Nadine, and I am the one who knows how to listen and how to encourage proactive and ambitious ones who desire to set and achieve new goals in their demanding lives. I’m a care and resilience coach for caring yet feeling overwhelmed ones who aim to better connect and support themselves and those who are challenged.

Living with limited ability due to predicament is not only confronting and backbreaking for those going through it, it’s also difficult for all of those around them. Life around disability, life with disability is still life which You can make the most of.

I started my coaching journey with a particular goal in mind: to help people living with and around disability find new ways to happiness in their relationships, their work and life. To discover their true potential by getting support to optimise their partnership and achieve their goals in a highly challenging environment. To broaden their perspectives by being heard and seen on their daily journey doing their best.

More than 10 years spent in the care field combined with my personal experience and deep interest in exploring self-support and encouragement gave me a passion for helping others to focus, reset and fulfil their lives using verbally transmitted care and resilience. And as ACC, or Associate Certified Coach, I practice highly professional and competent approach in my coaching sessions.

Being heard is as close to love as there is almost no difference noticeable – let me hear You and make you proud of Your Journey. Because I Do Care.

For all the bad in the world we can always find some good.
Mark Miljons-Rostoks

My vast professional and personal experience defined my coaching niche which is care givers and care users dealing with health care challenges, struggling with lack of support and navigating through overwhelming situations.

Esther Perel referred life challenge as not a problem to solve, but a paradox to navigate, and as much as I find these words so true I believe that to navigate this paradox is much easier having around someone who can listen and understand what You are going through.

However my offer is not limited by my niche specifics only and anyone who is interested in reviewing choices, clearing up vision, defining intentions, strengthening accountability and meeting commitments as well as seeking a safe and secure space, support, confidence and new direction in life is very welcome.

Get in touch and I'll be happy to help.