“...And we mean to go on and on and on and on!
We are the champions, my friends,
And we'll keep on fighting till the end.
We are the champions!..."
Freddie Mercury, Queen
Hi, Champion!

Yes, yes, you, Champion. I believe we’re all Champions in our own way and no one can take this away from us. No matter what it is we do, it is always better to have tried regardless of the outcome.
And here I'd like to share with You the list of the books, videos and websites which gave me a lot of support and inspiration, and I hope You may find it useful too:
“Inside I´m Dancing” (2004)
“The Intouchables” (2011)
“The Theory Of Everything” (2014)
“The Diving Bell And The Butterfly” (2007)
“The Fundamentals Of Caring” (2016)
“Life is Beautiful” (“La Vita e´ bella” 1997)
“Breathe” (2017)
“Walk. Ride. Rodeo” (2019)
“The Sea Inside” (2004)
“Stronger” (2017)
“Don´t Worry He Won´t Get Far on Foot” (2018)
“Come As You Are” (2019)
“Peaceful Warrior” (2006)
“Wonder” (2017)
“Rust And Bone” (2012)
“Bleed for This” (2016)
"Coda (Child of Deaf Adults)" (2021)
"Crip Camp" Documentary (2020)
“The Choice: Embrace The Possible”
by Edith Ege
“Bursting Bubbles (Making Adversity Okay): The Ramblings of a Complex Quadriplegic in Quarantine”
by Mark Miljons-Rostoks
“When Breath Becomes Air”
by Paul Kalanithi
“A Matter of Death And Life” 
by Irvin D.Yalom
“Yes To Life In Spite Of Everything” 
by Viktor E. Frankl
“Atomic Habits” 
by James Clear
“The Art of Possibility” 
by Rosamund Stone Zander, Benjamin Zander
“The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse” 
by Charlie Mackesy
“The Obstacle is The Way” 
by Ryan Holiday
by Hermann Hesse
by Marcus Aurelius
“The Body Keeps The Score” 
by Bessel A. van der Kolk
“Power vs Force” 
by David Hawkins 
“Emotional Intelligence”
by Daniel Goleman
“What You Can Change And What You Can´t”
 by Martin Seligman
“Hey God. Hey John.: What Happens When God Writes Back”
 by John Roedel
"Jonathan Livingston Seagull"
by Richard Bach
"Atlas of the Heart" 
by Brené Brown
"Discovering the Inner Mother" 
by Bethany Webster
"Nurse Burnout: A Caregiver's Guide to Stress Management and Building Resilience in Healthcare"
by Kisha N. Wilkinson
"Happy: Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine" 
by Derren Brown
"The Myth of Normal" 
by Gabor Maté, Daniel Maté 
"SuperBetter: How a gameful life can make you stronger, happier, braver and more resilient"
by Jane McGonigal
"The Grieving Brain" 
by Mary-Frances O'Connor