Welcome to my coaching!
Let me explain what You can expect during our coaching session
I look forward
to working with you
How We Will Work Together
The relationship between coach and client is co-creative, meaning that we are equals and both have an active role to play. I am not a therapist, counsellor or consultant. I am a trained coach using honed communication skills to support you as a detached thinking partner. Together we create more power for You to effect meaningful change and take dynamic actions towards your goals.
I will be listening to You sharing what You would like to focus on and what You hope to take away from our conversation.
I'll be asking You questions - some of them might be thought provoking and even challenging but every single word stays in our session never to be shared with any third party as I strictly follow the principles of confidentiality.
If I hear something in your voice or language that sparks an intuitive thought, I’m likely to ask You about it.

Often, it is the small moments that bring about BIG shifts. If I'm not on target, just tell me. I'm not attached to being right.

There may be some moments of silence in our conversation as I always give You enough space and time to think or to write some ideas down therefore I don’t want to be interrupting your thoughts.

As I´d like You to know what's happening at my end please be aware that sometimes I also write some key moments down - it helps to pick out key words and to pave the road to the new discovery upon them.

At the end of the session, if You do not mention what actions You are ready to take, I may make a request. I ask my coachees to stretch themselves, deepen the work done in the sessions by writing, taking some action or resolving relationships or things that feel incomplete - You are free to accept or decline such request.

Coaching is a confidential process. If you would like to read about the code of ethics that coaches adhere to, please see the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics here.

Extra Time

Our conversation is going to last an hour, the last 10 minutes of which I'm going to ask You about your thoughts and reflection on what has changed for You, how coaching works for You and what might have been more helpful for You in our conversation.
Between sessions, if You have questions, a brief update, or want to bounce some ideas around, please contact me by email. Please keep these contacts succinct. If it seems like it will be better served as session material, I'll suggest that.
Ways You Can Get More From Your Coaching Experience
Please take time before each session to reflect on the questions below and come prepared to discuss them. The first question is the most important one as it will outline what you would like your goal for the session to be.
  • What is your agenda for today’s session?
  • What would you like to take away from our session?
  • What feelings, breakthroughs, insights or changes in belief have you had lately or since our last session if there were any?
  • What are the biggest personal or professional concerns you are facing right now?
  • What action are you ready to take now?

Make our coaching sessions a priority. Please arrive at every session on time. Come to your session centred and ready to engage. Give me feedback in the moment about your coaching experience - what works as well as what does not.

Do your own work between sessions. Use what You learn. Complete what You agreed to do.

Be open-minded. Try new approaches. Experiment.

Be willing to change your beliefs and patterns if they do not serve You anymore.

Fees & Charges
I offer You a free short introductory session which is a great option to see what it feels like to be in the room together. I believe it's important for You to choose someone You feel a connection with. An initial meeting gives You the opportunity to explore this, ask questions and learn what working together would entail, without making any commitment until You are sure.
Individual Sessions
The standard session rate is £60 for 50 to 60 minute session and does not include email or phone contact in between sessions.
1 Month Package
The 1 month coaching package is £250, payable in advance.
3 Month Package
The 3 month coaching package is £750, with 50% payable in advance.
Welcome onboard